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Privacy Statement & Cookies

At Kingston Maurward we take the privacy of your data very seriously. This Privacy Statement specifies how we treat personally identifiable information. We provide this Privacy Statement because you have a right to know what information we collect and how it is protected and used.

Kingston Maurward consists of: Kingston Maurward College (KMC) which is an exempt charity; Kingston Maurward Enterprises (KME) which covers the commercial arm of the College and is registered at Companies House, Company Number 05472379; and Kingston Maurward Foundation (KMF) which is a registered independent charity 1136355.

We aim to be clear about our purposes when we collect your data and will not do anything you wouldn’t reasonably expect. This Privacy Statement sets out the ways in which we use your data and how you can hold us accountable for that.

What information do we collect?

You give us your information when you complete an online enquiry form or by attending an event and completing a registration from; or when you make a telephone enquiry, write to us via letter or email.

The information we hold about you may include:

  • Your name
  • Postal address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Your preferences for how we communicate with you about our activities

We keep a record of the emails we send you, and we may track whether you receive or open them so we can make sure we are sending you the most relevant information.

GDPR Candidate Privacy Notice

GDPR Privacy Notice for employees, workers and contractors

How the College uses your information

We use your data to:

  • Keep in touch about an upcoming event you have registered for
  • Contact you to let you know about similar events if you weren’t able to attend the one you originally registered for
  • Send you relevant follow up information after you attend an event
  • Keep a record of your relationship with us
  • Ensure we know how you prefer to be contacted
  • We use profiling and segmentation to ensure communications are relevant and timely and to provide an improved experience to our customers and supporters.
  • When building a profile we may analyse geographic, demographic and other information relating to you in order to better understand your interests and preferences and be able to contact you with the most relevant communications.

Privacy Notice for Visitors

Privacy Notice for Alumni

How government departments use your information

We pass most of the information to government agencies to meet funding arrangements. The College is a Data Processor for the Education and Skills Funding Agency. This means that the College will pass most of the personal information and some of the sensitive information you provide to the Education and Skills Funding Agency and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Where necessary it is also shared with the Department for Education (DfE).

The information is used for the exercise of functions of these government departments and to meet statutory responsibilities, including under the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009. It is also used to create and maintain a unique learner number (ULN) and a Personal Learning Record (PLR).

The information provided may be shared with other organisations for purposes of administration, the provision of career and other guidance and statistical and research purposes, relating to education, training, employment and well-being. This will only take place where the sharing is in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

You may be contacted after you have completed your programme of learning to establish whether you have entered employment or gone onto further training or education.

You may be contacted by the English European Social Fund (ESF) Managing Authority, or its agents, to carry out research and evaluation to inform the effectiveness of the programme.

Further information about use of and access to your personal data, and details of organisations with whom the data is regularly shared are available at:

The legal basis for collecting the information

Most of the information is collected because it is necessary for your enrolment as a student or is required by law. You must provide it in order to enrol at the College.

The following information we are collecting is based on your consent, and you may withdraw your consent without this affecting your status as a student: emergency contact details and parent/carer contact details.

Parents, Carers and Guardians

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), young people aged 16 and over can decide for themselves and give consent for the processing of their personal information. Parental consent is not required. There may be exceptions in regards of students with severe learning difficulties, school link students and those who are otherwise unable to decide for themselves.

The College has found that it is very beneficial to the young person’s progress as a student if the College is able to engage with the parents (or guardian/carer). Therefore it is very important that we have the parents’ details recorded on our systems.

When a student is in Further Education, parents/carers/guardians (or any other third party) are not automatically entitled to the student’s information. We can only release information about our students if we have their consent for this recorded on the College system. Students are asked for their consent for sharing information with parents/others on the enrolment form or when enrolling face-to-face. Students can also inform the College later on of who the College may discuss with about their College matters. Students may withdraw their consent the same way which they gave it.

In general, we can only share information if we have the person’s consent, or there is a particular piece of legislation or agreement allowing us to share it without consent.

Participation in Learning: Sharing information with Local Authorities

This section applies to:

  • 16 and 17 year olds
  • Vulnerable 18 year olds (‘vulnerable’ is defined locally by individual Local Authorities)
  • 18-25 year olds with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • in the local authorities (LAs) of Dorset, Poole, Bournemouth, Somerset, Wiltshire and Devon.

The Education and Skills Act 2008 (the Act) places duties on LAs to promote the effective participation in education or training of all 16 and 17 year olds resident in their area, and to make arrangements to identify young people resident in their area who are not participating. It is part of the LA’s duties to secure sufficient suitable education and training provision for all 16-19 year olds, and to encourage, enable and assist young people to participate in learning.

Under the Act, it is the College’s duty to provide relevant information about their students to the LA of each student’s residence, when requested to do so, and notify local LAs when a young person leaves learning at the College. All educational institutions are required to share information with LAs as part of their duty under the Act.

Section 72 of the Act provides the legal basis for sharing information between LAs and educational institutions. Link to relevant section is referenced here:

When you give us your information we will use your details to inform the LA where you live about the learning that you are participating in so that they are able to report monthly to the Department of Education and deliver their duties listed above.

Please note that some of the services for young people provided by the LA to fulfil their duties are provided by commissioned external contractors and organisations and they are required to use the same security standards as the LA.

Retention period

We will store your data in our system for the remainder of the academic year after your first enquiry or communication with us. If you or your child become a Kingston Maurward student we are required by law to retain the student’s data for seven years after their course has finished.

Automated decisions we take about you

We do not make automated decisions using your information.

Suppliers of Services to the College

We store and use your information for the purposes of managing our suppliers in respect of the supply of goods and services that our College may need. In order to engage and manage our suppliers we collect and store your contact information and, where appropriate, your bank account details.

Except in the circumstances highlighted below, we process this information on the basis of our legitimate interests:

  • We have a legitimate interest in engaging and managing our suppliers; and
  • To be able to do so, we need to hold details of who those suppliers are.

Where we are required by law to hold certain records for health and safety purposes, then we hold those records to comply with that statutory obligation.

Where we hold your bank account details, we do so on the basis that it is necessary for us to perform our contract with you.

We do not store or transfer your personal data outside Europe.


Health Assured support line

The Health Assured support line is a separate service offered to students of Kingston Maurward College. Health Assured provides a confidential service and the information you discuss with their helpline support workers is not routinely provided to the College unless your health, wellbeing or welfare is judged to be at imminent risk. In these circumstances and where the support worker thinks you need additional support they will seek your consent to share your name and information about their concerns with the Welfare or Safeguarding Team so that they can provide you with further help. In some circumstances where you are not able to provide consent or where you refuse consent, Health Assured may still decide to share relevant information with the college where it is necessary to protect your or another person’s vital interests. This approach is consistent with the College’s Privacy Statement. 

Marketing communications

We will only send you additional information if you have opted to receive marketing communications from us by post or email.

If you have opted out of marketing communications, we will only contact you in future should you or your child apply to become a Kingston Maurward student in which case we are legally obliged to communicate with you about the College course.

You can change your marketing preferences or opt out of marketing communications by emailing us at

Use of the website

We collect non-personally identifying information from your web browsers and servers. This includes technical information, such as your IP address and your login information and information about your visit, such as records of how you navigate the pages on our site and how you interact with the pages.

Cookies – A cookie is a small file, saved onto your device, which stores small pieces of information about how you have used our site. We use cookie information to monitor traffic levels and to find out how our website is used, so we can keep improving. It is not possible to use our website without using cookies, so there is no option to opt-out. We do not store any information about you personally in our cookies.

Google Analytics Advertising – Kingston Maurward have implemented the following features through Google Analytics Advertising:

Demographics and Interest reporting, Remarketing, GDN Impression Reporting and the DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration.

How we keep your data safe

Your personal data will be held and processed on Kingston Maurward’s systems. Your data is always held securely. Access to customer information is strictly controlled. It is held in the UK and the processes are EU compliant. We do not store or transfer your personal data outside Europe.

Your rights

You have the following rights related to your personal data:

  • The right to request a copy of personal information held about you
  • The right to request that inaccuracies be corrected
  • The right to request us to stop processing your personal data
  • The right to withdraw your consent to direct marketing
  • The right to request that we erase your personal data
  • The right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office

How can I see what information you are keeping on me?

You have the right to get a copy of the information that we hold about you, this is called a Subject Access Request. You can request a copy of your personal information in writing to Subject Access Request, Kingston Maurward College, Dorchester, DT2 8PY or email

Please include your full name, address and contact telephone number and details of the specific information you require, including any relevant dates. You will need to supply proof of your identification. We will respond to your request within one calendar month from receipt.

Please note this service is free of charge, however we will be allowed to charge you for our reasonable administrative costs if your request is clearly unfounded or excessive.

Changes to this policy

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make any significant changes in the way we treat your personal information we will make this clear on our website or by contacting you directly.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Privacy Statement, or wish to be removed from any communications or data processing activities please email

Last updated 18 May 2018. Any amends or updates to our Privacy Statement will be posted here.

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