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Work Placements

Work placements are an integral part of study programmes here at Kingston Maurward. They give you an opportunity to develop practical, technical and professional skills. All work placements must be occupationally specific – they must be with an employer whose work is directly linked to the course that you are studying.

You will be required to keep a log of all the tasks and activities you complete on placement to track your progress and development. You will also need to record your placement hours and get these signed off by your employer and your course tutor.

We offer two types of work placements; work experience or industry placements. For select Level 3 courses, you will be required to do both.

Work experience is managed by your course tutor. On average, this is 150 hours which is to be completed during one academic year. These hours may differ depending on the level of your course. Contact your course tutor if you have any further questions about work experience.

Industry placements are managed by our Industry Placement Coordinator. Industry placements are for selected Level 3 courses only and MUST be for a minimum of 315 hours in the workplace. Industry placements are to be completed during your first academic year. If you have any questions regarding industry placements please contact

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Industry placements have been part of select Level 3 study programmes at KMC since 2018, they give students a real opportunity to gain practical, technical and professional skills.

Industry placements are different to work experience as they require a longer period of time in the workplace, students must complete 315 hours with an employer whose work is directly linked to the course that they are studying.

Since launching industry placements we have seen some incredible results, our students have been committed to achieving their 315 hours and many have gone on to get paid work with their industry placement employer.

Whether it is getting a job, developing practical skills or increasing self-confidence, the outcomes of industry placements are clear and also reinforce how much of a valuable addition they are to both the KMC curriculum and the needs of local industry.

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