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Getting to and from College

We offer transport through a network of buses and minibuses along major routes. Created annually in response to demand during our recruitment year, our routes cover key towns across the region. Although some of our transport has facilities for disabled access, we are happy to discuss alternative methods of transport for students with disabilities or require extra assistance.

Transport Routes

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Terms and Conditions – Student Transport provided by Kura

Parents/guardians must register/re-register Students each year for the college bus service, using the Kura App. Booking windows and registration periods will be communicated throughout the year.

Parents/guardians accept that bookings are for the entire College year.

Journeys booked but not taken are non-refundable. Any journey cancelled, ad hoc, via the App, will not reduce the amount charged. Cancellations must be made in line with the cancellation policy set out below.

The College offers bus service bookings on a first come first served basis. Although the College will do its utmost to accommodate all requests for use of the service, the College has no obligation to increase capacity on any route.


Amendments or cancellation

Any amendments to students’ journeys should be made directly via the Kura App.

Parents/guardians wishing to withdraw their young person from the service entirely must provide notice at the earliest opportunity by email to

If a student no longer requires transport mid month, refunds will be calculated from the end of the month. Refunds will only be awarded for any full months remaining.


Use of the service

Passengers are advised that they need to be at stops 5 minutes before the advertised time

Students must ensure they travel on the route for which they are registered

Students must carry their student ID pass when travelling.

Parents/guardians are asked to remind their young person that when travelling on the College buses they remain bound by the College’s Behaviour Policy and Transport Code of conduct


Changes to use of the service

Any changes to a student’s use of the College Bus Service (for example: frequency, route) must be made via the Kura App

The College reserves the right to make route alterations after publication but will provide notice of any such action.

Students who wish to travel on more than one route will be accommodated at the College’s discretion and only where capacity allows.



The 23/24 cost for transport will be £895 per year, this amount is prior to any reduction as a result of a bursary award.

Please note this charge is applicable even if you only use the bus one way.

If paying via instalments the FlexPay payment plan must be set up by the end of September and maintained. Failure to do so will risk the students place on College transport


Lost Property

Any items of lost property will be handed in to KMC staff.

Contact numbers

If you have an urgent query about your young person’s bus route during live service, then please contact the Kura control centre on 020 3326 2256 This number is staffed from 06:30 in the morning to cover travel into the College. It is also covered until 19:00 during the College to home run during term-time.

If your enquiry is not of an urgent nature please email us at


Transport Code of Conduct 2023-24:

We know that most students behave well on College transport, but occasionally the behaviour and actions
of a few can make the journey unpleasant for everyone and can sometimes endanger other passengers.

We have a Code of Conduct because we want everyone to stay safe and travel in comfort. If you follow
the guidelines your journey to college will be safe and enjoyable.

To ensure that this happens we require all students to follow a few simple rules.
If you don’t keep to the Code of Conduct your parents or carers will be informed and you may not be able
to use College transport anymore.

The College reserves the right to issue either a fixed term or permanent ban from using transport for those
students demonstrating poor behaviours. If this happens, you are still expected to maintain your
attendance record in order to pass your course and it will be up to you to find suitable alternative transport.

THINK !! if you lose your place on College transport how will you get to College?

Accessing to Buses – initially your Student ID Card is your pass onto the College buses.

Once you have enrolled, you will be invited to download and use the KURA bus app on your mobile phone.
You will need to use your phone and scan on to the bus for each journey to and from College.

The bus company have up to date lists of passengers and know exactly who should be on each bus.

How to be a good passenger:

• Stay in your seat and keep your seat-belt on while the bus is moving – it is a legal requirement for you to
have your seat-belt on where they are supplied
• Do as the driver asks at all times – Do NOT distract the bus driver, except in an emergency
• Treat the bus driver and other passengers with respect – we have a zero tolerance on bullying or
disruptive behaviour
• If you see someone behaving badly or bullying others, report it to a member of staff at the College, the
Student Administration Office or the bus driver
• Do not throw things either inside the bus or out through the windows
• Do not use lighters – smoking is against the law on buses
• Vaping is banned on all College transport
• Keep noise to a reasonable level – use of music speakers is not permitted – if you want to listen to music,
please use personal headphones instead
• Do not film or take photos of other passengers without their permission; disciplinary action may be taken
against you if you do
• Take all litter home with you – hot food is not permitted and all drinks must be in a container with a spillproof lid – alcohol is not permitted
• Look after your possessions on the bus – bags should not be stored on seats and you may be asked to put
your bags in the storage racks when travelling
• Do not use bad language – remember you are representing the College whilst travelling
• Do not carry real or replica weapons
• Do not damage the vehicle – if you do, you will be made to pay for the damage

PLEASE NOTE: All vehicles have CCTV fitted – footage will be used if it is deemed

If you’re late the bus won’t wait!

• You are responsible for making sure you get to and from the bus stop safely and at least five minutes
before the bus is due. Our buses are fitted with trackers so we know what time they arrive and leave
each stop
• You should plan with your parents or carers what to do in case you miss your bus
• You must inform us of any changes to you mobile contact numbers as we may need to inform you
about you about bus delays etc. please keep this information up to date throughout the year so we
can keep in touch with you
• If you no longer need to travel using our transport, it is your responsibility to let us know this
• If there is extreme weather (e.g. flooding or snow) listen to the local radio stations and check the
College website for information regarding any College closure; we will also contact
you so please check your college email account, SMS or TEAMs application for any key messages
• If for any reason your transport cannot pick you up, you will be contacted by the College text tools
system or the transport provider. (Please ensure Student Administration have your up to date contact
• Where possible you should try to find an alternative method of transport for this day – remember if
your parents or carers take you to College, they will need to be prepared to collect you in the

For more information about College transport please contact the Transport Team on 01305 215000, email .Alternatively you can drop into the Student Administration Office situated on the
ground floor of the LRC.

Driving and Parking on Campus

If you intend to bring a car or motorbike onto campus, you will need to read and sign up to the Campus
Parking and Vehicle Use Code of Conduct before you can bring your vehicle to College. You need to
register your car with the College and provide details of the registration number.

If you are found to have breached either of these Codes of Conduct, the College will investigate the
incident and it could result in you being excluded from travelling on College transport or parking on the
College campus. If this happens, you are still expected to maintain your attendance record in order to pass
your course and it will be up to you to find suitable alternative transport.

Once parked, cars should not be moved around campus unless for the purpose of leaving the site.

Transporting Peer Students and Visitors in Motor Vehicles

It is advisable to have sufficient insurance in place if you intend to carry one or more passengers in your
vehicle, especially when leaving the Campus. The College will not be liable for any damages or injuries if you
choose to ignore this advice.

Kingston Maurward College will not accept any liability for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents
howsoever caused, excepting loss or damage arising through proven negligence on the part of the College.

  • When completing your online application you are able to indicate if you require transport. This provides us with an indication but you are able to opt in/out at a later date.
  • The Student Administration Team will contact you prior to the start of term to confirm your need for transport. Once payment has been received details of pick up points and times will be advised before the start of term.

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