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KMCprepared, the College’s careers programme, is currently being rewritten in line with statutory guidance. The updated version will be published on the website from 25th October 2021. If you have any questions or queries about the College’s careers delivery, please contact

Our vision at Kingston Maurward is that every student will have the opportunity to access credible and concise careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) to support progression onto a positive destination.

Positive destinations vary and are individual to the student, essentially this term refers to what students go on to do after completing their study programme here at KMC.

Examples of positive destinations are:

  • Studying a higher level qualification
  • Going to University
  • Completing an Apprenticeship
  • Employment
  • Developing skills to help you become more independent in life

Careers Delivery

From the very start of the student journey here at KMC we support students to select a pathway that is most relevant to them, a pathway that they are passionate about and will enjoy, and a pathway that best suits their individual needs.

Students can access CEIAG throughout their study programme and if at any time, the student is unsure about the course they are doing they will be signposted to the most appropriate member of staff who can help them.

Careers in the Countryside Sector

In the following podcasts, our Careers and Industry Lead, Frances Jenkins spoke to BCP Council organiser, Brian Heppenstall about our careers program at Kingston Maurward, Apprenticeships, Work Placements and Further and Higher Education choosing Colleges or University. Please take a listen below.

What careers support is in place at the College for students with additional needs?

Careers Sequencing

Please click here to view and download the careers calendar – a detailed breakdown of the activities and enrichment delivered throughout the academic year per level of the study programme.

Careers at a glance

Here are some of the careers activities that students can expect to engage with during their time at KMC:

  • Receive 121 careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG)
  • Undertake a work placement
  • Build and develop employability skills –CVs, cover letters, job applications, interview techniques etc.
  • Undertake a minimum of 2 workplace visits
  • Engage with local employers
  • Access to relevant Labour Market Information

This is just an indication of what we deliver at the college, click here for a more detailed breakdown of what you can expect while studying with us.

Click here to view the Careers activities at KMC

Our dedicated Careers and Industry Lead works hard with the Careers Team to make sure careers delivery is relevant, to every student, and that KMCprepared can respond to what’s happening in the world to continue providing meaningful experiences that both inspire and challenge our students.


 “Supporting and inspiring students to make well-informed career and progression choices giving them the tools they need to build a positive future.”

Kingston Maurward promotes equality of opportunity striving to raise aspirations and prepare learners for life after college.

– Our careers programme is underpinned by our college values

– It meets the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks – the gold standard of careers education’

– We adopt a whole organisation approach so that ‘Careers can be the golden thread running through our entire curriculum’

– KMCprepared is inclusive and fully accessible as we believe that ‘access to expert careers advice and guidance should be an entitlement, not an optional extra’

– Careers activities and enrichment provide meaningful, impactful and interactive experiences – they are not just a tick box exercise here at Kingston Maurward

– KMCprepared is endorsed and informed by STAKEHOLDERS e.g. students, employers, parent-guardians

– KMCprepared meets the needs of the industry.

After completing a study programme with us you will be in the best place to progress onto whatever destination you choose…

For Study | For Work | For Life

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