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KMCprepared supports and inspires students to make well-informed career and progression choices, giving them the tools they need to build a positive future.

KMCprepared is Kingston Maurward College’s careers programme and has been designed to help students find their best next step. The College promotes equal opportunities for all, striving to raise student aspirations and prepare learners for life after College.

Our Vision

Every student will have access to high-quality Careers, Education Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) that supports progression onto a positive destination.

Positive destinations vary and are individual to each student, essentially this term refers to what students go on to do after completing a study programme here at Kingston Maurward. Examples of positive destinations include:

  • Studying a higher-level qualification
  • Going to University
  • Completing an apprenticeship
  • Securing employment
  • Developing important skills to become more independent in life

KMCprepared is progressive, both in design and in nature. It aims to challenge stereotypes, promote equality, diversity and inclusion and help learners to foster positive attitudes towards work.

From the very start of the student journey here at KMC, we support students to select a pathway that is most relevant to them, a pathway that they are passionate about and will enjoy, and a pathway that best suits their individual needs.

Students can access CEIAG throughout their time at College, and if, at any time, the student is unsure about the course they are doing, they will be signposted to the most appropriate member of staff who can help them.

After completing a course here at Kingston Maurward, we hope that students will be in the best place to progress onto whatever destination is right for them.

Our Careers Lead is responsible for making sure careers delivery is relevant, to every student, and that KMCprepared is responding to what’s happening in the world. This ensures our careers programme can continue to provide meaningful experiences for all students, experiences that both support and inspire them to make well-informed career and progression choices.

After completing a course here at Kingston Maurward, we hope that students will be in the best place to progress onto whatever destination is right for them.

There are some key principles that underpin the delivery of our careers programme, these principles form our careers strategy:


  • KMCprepared meets the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks – ‘the gold standard of careers education’ –
  • KMCprepared is built on the learning outcomes found in the CDI Career Development Framework –
  • We adopt a whole organisation approach so that careers is the golden thread running through our curriculum
  • KMCprepared is inclusive and accessible to all students, as we believe access to high-quality careers advice and guidance should be an entitlement not an optional extra
  • Careers activities and enrichment provide meaningful, impactful and interactive experiences for students, they are not just a tick box exercise
  • KMCprepared delivers positive outcomes for learners that help meet the needs of industry
  • KMCprepared is reviewed annually in line with ‘Careers guidance and access for education and training providers’ – Statutory Guidance. July 2021
  • KMCprepared is underpinned by the College 3 values; inspire, challenge, care.

Please follow the links below to access our KMCprepared document library:

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How and why we deliver careers education at the College.

A guide for Level 3 students who wish to apply to University via UCAS.

A helpful list of words we use when we talk about careers.

Our Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

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