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Information, Advice & Guidance

Impartial information advice and guidance (IAG) is fundamental to our mission and strategic plan. Our mission to equip people with the knowledge and skills to succeed in life and work can only be achieved by helping students to make informed decisions that are right for them as individuals. If they are helped onto the right path from the beginning, they will be more likely to achieve high quality outcomes in terms of learning, aspirations and future careers.

IAG is provided through a range of online services (website, Moodle, social networking), offline materials (prospectus, information leaflets, posters, advertising) and information events (course information, interview days, open days). This is mostly information on courses, qualifications, funding, transport, support and progression pathways.

Our support teams work closely with teaching teams to provide IAG throughout the student journey, from initial meeting through interview days to enrolment and induction.

In August 2017 the College was reaccredited the Matrix Standard and feedback noted that ‘the IAG offer is clearly defined from the initial contact through marketing activities, whether to groups within schools, during open days, through social media or to individuals seeking information on the college’.

Key strengths were identified as:

  • There is substantial and effective support for students and apprentices across the college which is delivered by a range of staff. This IAG is individualised from the first point of contact with the college and continues to develop throughout learning and towards a positive progression. The level of expertise regarding appropriate career paths for students is excellent along with an effective network which supports appropriate referral, both internally and externally. Students feel safe and well looked after with bespoke advice and guidance from their tutors, assessors and specialist support staff.

  • Based on staff and student feedback, there has been a marked improvement in the openness and transparency of the strategic leadership of the college.

  • Outcomes for students and apprentices are clearly defined from the beginning of any contact with the college.
  • There is an extensive network of partnerships which managers and staff have developed to support greater opportunities for progression and understanding for students, apprentices and staff.

  • The information available to students and apprentices is of high quality and is delivered in a number of ways. Staff expertise is widely recognised as a key resource, with many staff having years of knowledge and effective delivery within a particular field.

  • Kingston Maurward is committed to the ongoing continuous quality of IAG services.

For full details of the Matrix Standard for information, advice and guidance, click here.

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