Equine Studies


Course Title: The study of the horse and it’s behaviours
Course Code: EQ097

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part Time

Do you want to know who the horse is, where he came from, how he lives and his place in our world? This 2 hour theory course is based on well documented research and information coming from the behaviour science community. This course is taught by Carolyn Jenkinson - Equi-libre Horses Associate Trainer.



College Certificate

Course Content

Ethology and the equine ethogram (The study of the horse and its behaviours)
An overview of:-
How horses make sense of the world (sight,smell,sound)
How horses communicate- body language
Time budgets , in the wild and in captivity and the effects of how they are managed and kept
Herd /band structures – hierarchy and dominance – the facts
Needs of the horse in terms of welfare (Welfare Act , 5 freedoms,etc –
Early years (in domestication) – how weaning and handling shapes our horses futures.

Entry Requirements

Anyone who has an interest in horses who wishes to explore how to use the least intrusive approach to training and caring for horses. Minimum age 14 years.

Next Steps

How Horses Learn, KMC Equine course 3.12.17