Course Title: Smallholders Certificate
Course Code: AG007

Department: Agriculture
Course Type: Part Time

For those interested in learning how to look after livestock and grow produce on a small scale. Also covers current legislation and welfare issues, plus the opportunity to visit smallholdings run either for self-sufficiency or as a business.



Certificate in Smallholding

Course Content

If you are interested in learning how to look after livestock and grow crops on a small scale, then this course is designed for you. The course covers soil and grassland management, the cornerstones of a smallholding. Vegetables and plant production from the field and protected cropping is covered, as well as each of the livestock classes: cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry. Current legislation and welfare issues are looked at. There will be the opportunity to visit local smallholdings as part of the course.

Soils and cultivation
Growing grass and crops
Making hay and silage
Growing vegetables
Producing crops under cover
Cattle rearing will include breeds, signs of health and safe handling
Pig husbandry will cover breeds, moving and housing
Sheep husbandry will look at handling, foot trimming, breeding and health
Poultry includes feeding, housing and incubators
Land-based machinery selection and use.

Entry Requirements

Interest and enthusiasm in farming, food and the countryside.

Next Steps

Full-TimeAgriculture courses or other Part-Time courses such as Beekeeping, ATVs, Welding, Sheep Production, Practical Lambing, Brushcutters, Farm Records and Accounts or Practical Pig Husbandry

Career Opportunities

Running your own smallholding