Seasonal Tree Care and Management – Summer Workshop


Course Title: Seasonal Tree Care and Management – Summer Workshop
Course Code: AB083

Department: Arboriculture
Course Type: Part Time

This course provides you with the ideal knowledge and opportunities to either develop your passion or introduce you to trees and the environment around them. Run over three 1 day blocks of 5 weeks, this 15 week course is aimed at people who are either employed part-time, sessional, or have time available to develop their working knowledge and/or interest of tree care and management. The course involves delivers both the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of how to care for and look after trees, both as individual specimens and in a small woodland setting. The course is open to anyone with a keen interest in trees, no previous experience required.



College Certificate

Course Content

Subjects covered during the course: Organisations involved in tree & woodland management Tree science & wildlife Tree identification Trees & people Tree safety & legislation Tree planting, care & maintenance The practice of managing small woodlands Veteran trees & Ancient woodlands How to improve the conservation value of a wooland

Entry Requirements

Interest and enthusiasm.

Next Steps

L2 Technical Certificate in Foresty and Arboriculture

Career Ops

With further training: Employment in arboricultural, forestry or allied businesses, work with tree surgeons, work with contractors for utility, road, rail and housing tree projects, domestic garden tree work.

Dates & Fees

Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Mode of Attendance Days of the Week No of sessions Total Fee Full Cost Total Fee 19-23 Total Fee 24+
07-Jun-19 05-Jul-19 9.30 a.m. 4.30 p.m. Part Time Fri 5 ££250.00

Location & Contact Details



Material Required

Basic stationery - pens, pencils, notepad, lever arch file, dividers, etc. Protective overall and steel toe-capped boots - all protective equipment will be inspected by the course instructor. Waterproof clothing.