Course Title: Safe Use of Mowers (Ride-on)
Course Code: HR157

Department: Horticulture
Course Type: Part Time

Ride-on mowers require competent operators. This course covers legal and safety requirements, operational adjustments and maintenance, factors affecting efficiency, clearing blockages, safe driving techniques and cutting patterns.



Award in the Safe Use of Ride-on Self Propelled Mowers (QCF)

Course Content

Two days' training covering workshop and operations, followed by assessment on another day.

Legal and safety requirements
Operational adjustments and maintenance
Factors affecting efficiency
Clearing blockages
Safe driving techniques
Cutting patterns

There are 4 options for the type of mower cutting mechanism: cylinder, rotary, flail, reciprocating knife. You must be able to drive accurately and manoeuvre the mower skilfully and safely. You need to be able to assess the condition of the grass and adjust the mower to achieve maximum efficiency of grass cutting as well as carrying out routine maintenance.

Assessment will be by an independent assessor and will comprise of a practical test and verbal 1:1 questioning on a separate day to be agreed between the candidate and the appointed NPTC assessor.

Entry Requirements

You are required to have previously undertaken the Award in Pedestrian Controlled Mowers and to have regular access to ride-on machines as part of your work Minimum age is 16 years Tetanus protection is recommended.

Next Steps

Certificate of Competence - Hedge Trimmers (Handheld) (HR149)

Career Opportunities

Gardener Greenkeeper Groundsperson Parks Officer