Equine Studies


Course Title: Lower Leg of the Horse – Anatomy & dissection
Course Code: EQ101

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part-time Evening

This course is one of four designed for those with an interest in the horses’ internal systems. There will be hands on practical dissection of the lower limb system. The aim of the course is to give horse owners and those with a real interest in biology an insight into the horses’ body and the influences domestication and training has upon it. Also suitable for students wishing to train for BHS exams.



College Certificate

Course Content

Backgroud theory on the system
Introduction to laboratory work
Practical dissection of Equine Lower Limb

Entry Requirements

An interest in horses, 14 years and above.

Next Steps

Additiontal KMC Equine Part-Time courses on dissection and anatomy. Such as the Respiratory System 17.4.18.