Equine Studies


Course Title: Level 2 Equine Groom
Course Code:

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Apprenticeship

Working in partnership with horses and caring for their needs.

The occupation requires competent individuals who are committed to the safety and welfare of the horses in their care. They will use their theoretical knowledge and understanding, practical experience and empathy to maintain the horses’ physical and psychological well-being within a safe working environment. This is a practical, “hands on” occupation where apprentices will work under supervision individually or as part of a diverse team. The Equine Groom is an integral part in the life of the horse, providing essential day-to-day care. They will be involved with feeding, grooming, cleaning equipment, handling, preparing, exercising the horses and carrying out routine yard duties.

The Equine Groom may also be required to assist with the preparation of, transport to and care for horses at competitions, the races, sales, shows and other public appearances. Dependent on which sector of the industry the Equine Groom has chosen, appropriate people skills will be essential.

The Equine Groom apprentice will need to decide in which sector of the industry they wish to progress and select the appropriate occupational route.


Course Content

Safe Working Practices
Yard and Field Routines and Duties
Horse Anatomy, Physiology and Welfare
Horse Handling, Care and Appearance
Saddlery and Equipment
Travelling Horses
Non-Ridden Exercise

The apprentice will select one of the five specialised routes with additional knowledge and skills:


Entry Requirements

Apprentices without level 1 English and maths will need to achieve this level and take the test for level 2 English and maths prior to completion of their Apprenticeship.

Next Steps

Advanced apprenticeship in Equine Employment within the Equine Industry