Equine Studies


Course Title: Introduction to the Concepts of Natural Horsemanship
Course Code: EQ076

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part-time Evening

An insight into Natural Horsemanship. Exploring the concepts of using body language and gaining an understanding of equine behaviour enabling you to tackle the training of a youngster as well as dealing with a variety of equine behavioural problems.



College Certificate

Course Content

There is an ever increasing interest in, and demand for, alternative horsemanship courses. This course will provide you with a basis for understanding equine behaviour and applying the principles of this understanding to some of the most important elements of working with horses on the ground. Six different aspects of "Natural Horsemanship" are covered and are delivered in the following units. You must complete the first unit in Natural Horsemanship and can then enrol on any of the other units individually, depending on your area of interest. All practical units will take place in a round pen.
Applying some of these gestures will create a totally new level of respect between you and your horse, once they are "hooked" onto you, and perceive you as a leader - everything changes.

Entry Requirements

This course is ideally suited for those candidates who have a genuine interest and passion in the care and welfare of horses. You must complete this first unit in Equine Behaviour and can then enrol on any of the other units individually.

Next Steps

Further Natural Horsemanship courses, BHS Specialist equine courses, Full time Equine courses.

Career Opportunities

Horse Riding Instructor Horse Trainer