Equine Studies


Course Title: Introduction to positive reinforcement training for horses
Course Code: EQ100

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part Time

Do you want to know how to use positive reinforcement? Why might it be useful for you and your horse? Are you interested or curious to learn about applying a bridge signal, such as a clicker, to your training and the benefits it can bring? Learn from Carolyn Jenkinson, an experienced positive reinforcement Equi-Libre Horses Associate Trainer about the bigger picture – the benefits and the pitfalls before you start.



College Certificate

Course Content

Training a horse using Positive Reinforcement, including Clicker Training –
What is it? In this module we delve further into the theory of positive reinforcement when applied in horse training such as
How to use a bridge signal or marker (such as a clicker) and why it may be useful in certain circumstances.
What reinforcers (sometimes called rewards) can we use with horses.
Why do it? – the benefits:- learn more about how positive reinforcement can aid us in communicating what we would like to see more of when training our horses
How do you do it? Learn how to set up a successful learning experience for your horse.
Learn to avoid some of the pitfalls when using a clicker and food reinforcers when training -give your horse the right start – right from the start.

Clicker Training
What is it?
Why do it ?
How do you do it?
What are the pitfalls?

Entry Requirements

Anyone who has an interest in horses who wishes to explore how to use the least intrusive approach to training and caring for horses. Minimum age 14 years.

Next Steps

Applying learning Theory for Horse Husbandry, KMC Equine Course 8.4.17.