Equine Studies


Course Title: Introduction to Natural Horsemanship – Roundpen Work and Body Language
Course Code: EQ077

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part Time

Working your horse loose not only gives you a true impression of your horse's natural way of going, but it is also a wonderful way of creating a real bond with your horse. Ground work is imperative, not only in establishing a basis for how your horse behaves on the ground but it also underpins their behaviour under saddle.



College Certificate

Course Content

Round pen work can teach you a lot about yourself and how you communicate with others. The horse does not care who you are - he just reads you! Learning to interact with such a wonderful animal with just the use of your voice and body language can be a rewarding experience!

Entry Requirements

This qualification is ideally suited for those candidates who have a genuine interest and passion in the care and welfare of horses. You must complete this first unit in Natural Horsemanship (EQ076) to enrol on this course.

Next Steps

Further Natural Horsemanship courses, BHS Specialist equine courses, Full time Equine courses.

Career Opportunities

Horse Riding Instructor Horse Trainer