Equine Studies


Course Title: Introduction to Natural Horsemanship – Loading the Problem Horse
Course Code: EQ080

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part Time

If you have ever had, or know of anyone that has, owned a problem horse you will know the distress and upset it can cause. From small ground issues such as being difficult with the farrier, barging and being disrespectful are bad enough, but horses that throw themselves over backwards if you try to load them, or those that exhibit dangerous behaviour when being ridden such as rearing or bucking, cannot only cause harm to their riders, but often these horses end up being destroyed. This is a very specialist area of horsemanship, but approached in the right way using natural horsemanship techniques, they can often be overcome. This clinic deals with one of the most common and frustrating of them…. Loading a horse that refuses to load, resulting in many a lost hour at the showground or at home!



College Certificate

Course Content

We look at what makes them behave this way and how we can help them adapt this behaviour and think about things differently. This is followed by practical exercises on how to help a horse overcome their own fear. Where possible we will use a students horse for the practical sessions. We discuss physiological terms such as flooding and latent learning and what an important part they play when asking your horse to deal with and understand these stimuli.

Entry Requirements

This qualification is ideally suited for those candidates who have a genuine interest and passion in the care and welfare of horses.

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