Equine Studies


Course Title: How horses learn
Course Code: EQ099

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part Time

Understanding horses has never been so exciting and enlightening. This fascinating course introduces you to the psychology of how horses learn and view our world. This course will explore how we can help them and build the horse/ human relationship using force free positive methods. This couse will be taught by Carolyn Jenkinson -
Equi-libre Horses Associate Trainer.



College Certificate

Course Content

Psychology (the study of the mind and its functions) and how horses learn
Learning Theory:-
Classical and operant conditioning , benefits and fallout from various types of learning
Looking at other types of learning – eg Cognitivism, social learning , mirroring etc
Neuroscience – the study of the structure and functions of the nervous system and the brain
The emotions and endocrine systems and their effects on the emotions and behaviour – Panksepp
The horse/human relationship
Looking at anthropomorphism and speceism- pros and cons

Entry Requirements

Anyone who has an interest in horses who wishes to explore how to use the least intrusive approach to training and caring for horses. Minmum age 14 years.

Next Steps

Introduction to Positive reinforcement training for horses, KMC Equine course - 4.2.17.