Animal Welfare & Science


Course Title: Hawk Keeping/Handling for Beginners
Course Code: AC155

Department: Animal Welfare & Science
Course Type: Part Time

“Ever wondered what it’s like to fly and work alongside a bird of prey?" With our team at Kingston Maurward, you will receive the basic knowledge needed to understand what a bird of prey is all about, whether it’s been a life-long ambition to own one, or something new you’d like to add to your own personal development.

Owning a bird of prey is becoming ever-popular in present times, and it is often the case that people will go into it with truly understanding the time and patience needed to look after these beautiful animals.

Our part-time course is split into three, 2-hour sessions, which will cover the absolute basics to owning and caring for a bird of prey. You will be working with our team of Harris’ Hawks who, along with our professional handlers, will lead you through the initial stages of caring for and training these stunning birds.



College Certificate

Course Content

Session 1 (Getting to know your bird)
The bird of Prey – what is it?
Species identification
Choosing a bird
Basic anatomy & physiology – knowing your bird inside and out

Session 2 (Training begins)
Weight Management
Securing a bird
First steps – training begins
The creance – flying on a training line

Session 3 (Flying free)
Flying free
Telemetry and tracking
Accommodation: free lofting vs. mews – what is best for the bird?
Equipment & furniture – making, obtaining and taking care of
Different styles of flying – what can a bird be used for?
Conclusion – are you ready?

In every session you will have the opportunity to meet the birds up close, get used to handling them and of course, flying them. The course has been designed to offer more information for those wanting to build up their own knowledge of raptors and falconry in general and wishing to do so within a respected educational environment.

Entry Requirements

General interest
Good CPD for Veterinary nurses

Next Steps

“Keep your eyes open for the development of the birds of prey section in the near future”