English and Maths


Course Title: GCSE Maths Evening Class
Course Code: EM002

Department: English and Maths
Course Type:

Follow a GCSE mathematics programme specifically designed for adult learners to cover in 1 year.

Work with our experienced team to develop your maths skills, build you confidence and take the GCSE maths 9-1 in June 2019.



GCSE maths 9-1

Course Content

Numbers, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics to include: percentages, indices and roots, probability, Pythagoras' theorum, statistical graphs and measures, volume and surface area.

Entry Requirements

Students will need to be numerate with a desire and commitment to complete the course. All applicants will have a short interview and a diagnostic test will be carried out. Minimum age is 19.

Next Steps

A good grade in GCSE mathematics (9-1) will improve opportunities for progression in employment, further and higher education.