Course Title: Food Business Start Up
Course Code: AG030

Department: Agriculture
Course Type: Part Time

Are you launching a food business?

For budding foodies, ideas are not always new, such as starting a gin brand/distillery, food truck selling gourmet burgers or a quirky cafe with a Peruvian themed menu, however possibilities to disrupt the market with a new innovative solution or niche focus seem endless.

A leading UK independent business resource recently listed 28 trending businesses and subsequent opportunities for new business. Nine of the 28 listed were food-related businesses (that’s 32%). There were 5 food businesses in the top 10, and of the 28 listed businesses the 1st, 2nd and 4th positions were all food businesses. In first place is the ‘ginnaissance’, estimated to be worth £1.3bn by 2020.

Our business course attracts foodpreneurs of all ages who want to dodge becoming a statistic surrounding failed start-ups and carries 4 accreditations including 1 business qualification. The accredited 5 day programme uniquely merges relevant business advice for aspiring owners with meaningful case studies and interviews from successful food businesses/owners.

It is widely reported that 90% of start-ups fail. 50% fail in the first five years but then survival in the first two years often means that the business is less likely to subsequently fail. These cold statistics should not discourage entrepreneurs, rather encourage them to work smarter.

Our course provides the skills needed to help prepare and maintain your business. Our students also have private access to a forum to enable professional discussions amongst graduates.



Award in Aspects of Preparing to Set Up a New Business (QCF)

Course Content

Understanding the challenges and risks of starting a new food business
Understanding how to plan for a new food business
Understanding finance in a business context
Principles of marketing and selling in a new food business.