Course Title: Certificate of Competence – Pesticide Applications (Handheld)
Course Code: HR160

Department: Horticulture
Course Type: Part Time Day

This Certificate of Competence is a legal requirement if your job involves applying pesticides in a commercial role.

This four-day training course will bring those with some experience in spraying up to the standard required to take the NPTC C&G Foundation module (PA1) and Hand Held Applicator module (PA6A).

Please note: We aim to arrange the PA6 assessment for the Friday of the course.



Award in The Safe Application of Pesticides Using Pedestrian Hand Held Equipment (QCF)

Course Content

Day 1 - Legislation, LERAP, codes of practice, label interpretation, assessing hazards and risks, sprayer safety, personal protective equipment.

Day 2 - Pesticide storage and transportation, record keeping, disposal of pesticides and their containers, environmental protection.

Day 3 - Planning and preparation, alternative methods of control, types of sprayer, nozzle selection, pre-spraying procedure, sprayer maintenance, calibration, handling and mixing, decontamination.

Day 4 - Assessment arranged with independent NPTC assessor.

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have adequate levels of numeracy and literary. As an approximate guide, candidates should be at a minimum of Level 1 numeracy and literacy Minimum age is 16 years Tetanus protection is recommended.

Next Steps

Other Certificates of Competence available, e.g., Mowers, Brushcutters & Strimmers, Chainsaws, etc.

Career Opportunities

Any employment requiring pesticide application