Welding, Fabrication and Blacksmithing


Course Title: Blacksmithing Craft
Course Code: AG021

This practical course gives a very hands−on approach to the blacksmith's craft. The course caters for the complete beginner and for those with moderate metalworking experience and produces decorative and functional items.



College Certificate in Blacksmithing Craft

Course Content

Experience the roar of the fire and the sight and sound of hot steel being forged on the anvil. Learn how to "strike while the iron's hot", or the problems with "too many irons in the fire". It may also interest teachers of design and technology, architects and those involved with heritage restoration.

The forge and associated tools
Drawing down, upsetting, twisting, punching, bending
Tool making (chisel, centre punch, scroll former and bending jigs)
Heat treatment techniques
An introduction to forge welding
Production of a forged item.

There will also be an opportunity to try your hand at welding.

Entry Requirements

Interest and enthusiasm.

Next Steps

Practical Welding, Full-time Level 1 or 2 Welding, Fabrication & Blacksmithing course

Career Opportunities

Blacksmith, Metalworker