Equine Studies


Course Title: BHS Stage 2 Care Skills Record Coach Endorsement Day
Course Code: EQ113

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part Time Day

Each stage of the British Horse Society Assessments now require a sign off section that needs to be completed in advance of your final assessment day, stating that you are ready for the final assessment. Coach Endorsement Days will allow you to be observed or questioned by a professional in the industry who will assess you against specific criteria for the qualification. You skills record needs to be bought with you to this day. If you meet industry standards on this day your skills record will be signed off. Please note this is not a teaching or training day to develop skills and knowledge but a skills record endorsement session.



BHS Stage 2 Care Skills Record Coach Endorsement Day

Course Content

This coach endorsement day will include all the requirements for the Stage 2 Care skills record.
This will include knowing the responsibilities of an assistant groom, fitting tack and boots on a horse, preparing a horse for travelling, knowing about horse behaviour, knowing basic horse anatomy, feeding horses, understanding horse fitness, knowing how to maintain healthy horses, knowing how to care for horses' feet, recognising the best environment for keeping horses healthy and preparing a horse for presentation (plaiting, trimming and bathing).

Entry Requirements

An Equine Excellence Skills Record from the British Horse Society for the Assessment you are hoping to soon take. Please bring your hat and gloves.

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