Equine Studies


Course Title: BHS Stage 1 Riding
Course Code: EQ050

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part-time Evening

This part of the training programme may be taken with the stable management or separately. It is aimed at improving your skills at a basic level, ensuring a good foundation for future progress.

Tacking up from 7.30 to 8pm, Riding 8pm to 8.45 and untacking from 8.45 to 9pm.



Training towards EQL Level 1 Certificate in BHS Stage 1 Riding Horses

Course Content

- Working to improve balance and security
- Mounting, dismounting and checking tack
- Working both with and without stirrups
- Developing the jumping position
- Working over trot poles

Entry Requirements

Enthusiastic and willing to learn new skills. A riding assessment needs to take place before enrolling on this course as you must be able to walk, trot and canter unassisted and be able to walk and trot without stirrups. Knowledge of school movements and riding over ground poles in jump position is also required. Riding weight limit is 13.5 stones.

Next Steps

BHS Stage 2

Career Opportunities

Progression onto BHS Stage 2 Horse Groom