Equine Studies


Course Title: Applying Learning Theory for Horse Husbandry
Course Code: EQ102

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part Time

This course will explore the principles and practical application of the theory including the introduction of the clicker where appropriate. Do you want to learn how you can better prepare your horse for veterinary treatments, worming, eye care, clipping – just to name a few - without the use of force in order to build confidence in your horse with minimal stress? Then this 2 hour course is for you! Course taught by Carolyn Jenkinson, Equi-libre Horse Associate Trainer.



College Certificate

Course Content

Using a clicker including for vet prep and husbandry (Practical and some Theory)
Come and see how positive reinforcement, classical and counter conditioning can be applied to help your horse cope with procedures he may have to face when needing medical care or general handling , minimising stress, conflict and fear. We will look at a horse receiving eye care , worming tubes or preparation for injections for example and we will explore fear thresholds via the body language that a horse may show when fearful and how to help.
This module will allow for further discussion and for you to see some of the Theory that was covered in previous course being applied.

Entry Requirements

Anyone who has an interest in horses who wishes to explore how to use the least intrusive approach to training and caring for horses. Minimum age 14 years.

Next Steps

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