Business and Professional


Course Title: Advanced Apprenticeship in Warehouse and Storage
Course Code: PD080

Department: Business and Professional
Course Type: Apprenticeship

The economy relies on the efficient movement of goods within the UK to ensure that goods arrive on time and in the right condition. Warehousing and storage businesses play a crucial part in making this happen. If the wrong goods are packed and delivered, this affects customer satisfaction and the profitability of the business.

Whilst working in a warehouse, depending on the size of the company, you will undertake a range of duties, working alone or in a team, including loading/unloading of vehicles and selecting and packing customer orders, ensuring goods are ready for dispatch on time. As a Warehousing and Storage Apprentice you will gain technical knowledge and real practical experience, along with functional and personal skills, required for your immediate job and future career.

To complete this advanced apprenticeship you would be working as the Senior Member/Team Leader of the team with responsibility for overseeing the correct selection and packing of customer orders, ensuring your team complete these tasks on time ready for dispatch.



Diploma in Warehousing and Storage Skills

Course Content

Contribute to the provision of customer service
Providing leadership for your team
Supervising the receipt, storage or dispatch of goods
Taking responsibility for Health, Safety and Security in your team
Using equipment to move goods
Allocating and checking work in your team
Recruiting, selecting and keeping colleagues
Scheduling logistics operations to meet customer requirements
Responding to problems in logistics operations.
Employer Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) in the Logistics Industry
Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS)
Functional Skills in English and/or maths depending upon GCSE achievement.

Entry Requirements

Employers seek to attract applicants who have a keen interest in working in a warehousing business in the logistics sector. They must be willing to work shifts, as part of a team and be good timekeepers. Employers are also interested in applicants who have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

You will be required to find suitable relevant employment.

Advanced Apprentices should be working at a Supervisory/Team Leader level.

Next Steps

Logistics Operations Advanced Apprenticeship
Driving Goods Vehicles Advanced Apprenticeship

Career Opportunities

On completion of this Apprenticeship you may go into a job as a Warehouse Operations Team Member or with further development and training (e.g. in-house/external development) into the following jobs at level 3:
Team Leader
Warehouse Manager
Transport Manager