Enrolment Week is Tuesday 27th – Friday 30th August (Monday 26th August is a Bank Holiday) and takes place in the Learning Resources Centre (LRC). In accordance with the letter you have been sent, please double check that the day you have been given coincides with those below:

Monday 26th August – Bank Holiday

Tuesday 27th August – Animal Welfare & Science

Wednesday 28th August – Agriculture; Wildlife & Ecology Conservation; Horticulture; Arboriculture

Thursday 29th August – Outdoor Adventure; Sport & Fitness; Military Preparation; Uniformed Public Services

Friday 30th August – Floristry; Equine; Construction; Welding, Fabrication & Blacksmithing

Please allow up to around 3 hours for the enrolment process.

Simply bring your exam results and your ID and arrive promptly – we’d like you to get through the process as soon as you can.

If you have not already completed your online assessment at your interview you will need do it at enrolment – but don’t worry, everyone has to do it and it is nothing to be afraid of! You are also advised to bring a parent or carer with you.

Once you have completed all the sections of the Enrolment process – including purchasing necessary basic uniform, transport (should you need it), bursaries etc – you will be told which day of the week you start, and that’s it!