Apprenticeship flowchart

You have decided you want to study for an apprenticeship, what do you do? Click on the below link to see what the next step is:


Apprentice Handbook

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Apprentice Handbook

Free personal support and advice

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How do I find out about Apprenticeship vacancies?

horticulture apprenticeships, kingston maurward college, dorchester, dorset, gardeningWe work with a wide range of employers in the area.  The Government’s Find an Apprenticeship website is an online system whereby employers and colleges advertise and manage vacancies, and potential apprentices can search, apply and then manage their applications for Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships.

To find out our latest vacancies, please click on the link below:

Advice and Information

The first thing is to give some serious thought about where a qualification could take you in your career – decide on the kind of skills and knowledge that you will need to get ahead. Look at our course search to see what apprenticeship opportunities we can offer at Kingston Maurward College. If you are already employed, you may want to talk to your employer or a colleague to help you with this.
If you would like to speak about Apprenticeships with someone from the college, call the courses helpline on 01305 215215 and choose the option for apprenticeships.

Alternatively, complete an application form for the apprenticeship you are interested in and email/ send to the college and we will invite you in for an interview.

Will I get holidays?

Like other employees, you will be given paid holiday per year as well as bank holidays.

I have a degree – can I do an Apprenticeship?

Yes – but you will not be eligible for funding which means your employer would have to pay your training costs.

What are the entry requirements for an Apprenticeship?

Different Apprenticeships have different entry requirements. Please see our prospectus or individual apprenticeships on the course search for specific entry requirements.

However some key requirements are that:

  • You must be living in England and not taking part in full-time education
  • You must be aged 16 or over
  • You will need to take a literacy and numeracy test.

Do I get to choose where I work?

As with other jobs, you will need to apply for an apprenticeship vacancy and be successful in your application and interview to be offered a position. Accepting a job offer from an employer for an apprenticeship post will be your decision.

I’ve already got a job – can I take an Apprenticeship?

Yes you can, providing your employer where you work agrees to sign up to the training programme.

Do I get paid?

Yes, all employed apprentices are paid at least the Apprenticeship National Minimum Wage. See for the latest level. Apprenticeship National Minimum Wage rate does not apply to Higher Apprenticeships and wage rates for roles within the Agricultural sector may differ from the minimum wage.

The apprentice ‘National Minimum Wage’ applies to all 16 to 18 year olds and to those aged 19 and over in the first year of their Apprenticeship. If you reach age 19 and have completed the first year of your Apprenticeship your employer must pay you at least the ‘full National Minimum Wage’ rate for those aged 18 to 20.

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Will I have to pay anything towards my Apprenticeship?

The government will pay for the cost of your training depending on your age. See the table below. Any remaining costs would be paid for by your employer.

Age National Apprenticeship Service contribution
16 – 18 up to 100%
19 – 23 up to 50%
24 + A contribution to the cost of the
training if the apprentice is aged 24 or older.

Would I have to pay national insurance?

All employees aged over 16, apprentices must still pay tax and national insurance on their income.

When can I start?

You can apply to start an apprenticeship at any time of year. When you begin your training depends upon the availability of a position at an employer.