The College operates a subsidised double decker bus and minibus service for students with pick up points across the county and the Somerset and Wiltshire borders.

Travel timetables are assessed each summer to accommodate as many students as possible from across the catchment area.
Final timetables are produced just before the start of the Autumn term. The total cost of travel for students can be paid in full or via a monthly standing order and no payment is taken until September. The prices for 2020/21 will be made available at your interview day.

Although some of our transport has facilities for disabled access, we are able to discuss alternative methods of transport for any student with disabilities.

We have a strict code of conduct for all students travelling on College transport. All students are now automatically added onto transport and will advise us at enrolment as to whether or not they would like to use transport to get to College upon which payment and bursaries are discussed. The College also operates a ‘Bus Buddy’ scheme to help make travelling a happy and stress free experience and support any vulnerable students.

If you are a student bringing a car or motorbike onto campus, you will be expected to read and sign a campus parking and vehicle use code of conduct and provide your vehicle details.

How much will transport cost?

We review our prices each year. Currently those students who attend College 3 days or more pay:

Per week: £30.00

Yearly Charge: £1046.00

Payments can be spread out across the year via standing order and all students can be issued with a payment schedule.

1 day return charge: £10.00


Do I qualify for student transport?

All students at Kingston Maurward College are entitled to purchase a pass for College transport.

How do I apply?

You will be given an application form at your interview day. It is essential that you complete this and return it at the earliest opportunity to secure your place on college transport.

When do I pay?

You will be given a payment schedule before the term starts in September where you will have an option to pay in full or by standing order on a monthly basis during your time studying with us.

What if I cannot afford the transport cost?

The College has some funds available to assist families on low income or in receipt of benefits. You will be required to pay a minimum of 10% of the overall cost. For further information about the Student Busary Fund. Please contact the Co-ordinator on 01305 215165.

Will I be issued with a pass?

Your Student ID card us your bus pass for College minibuses. All our minibus drivers have lists of who travels, passes will not be issued for travel on these buses.

Double decker passengers will be issued with a separate pass. You will need to show this every time you travel. You will be issued with you ID card during your induction week.

What if I lose my Student ID card /Pass?

The College will replace the missing Student ID Card but a £5.00 charge will be made for the double decker bus pass.

Can my place on the bus be withdrawn?

Students are advised that the College reserves the right to ban students who do not abide by the Transport Code of Conduct. Non-payment of fees can also result in being withdrawn from the bus.

Where will the bus pick me up?

You will be notified of your bus stop and pick-up time at your enrolment day.

How does the College decide which bus I use?

The College endeavours to place students on a route which runs near to their home town. Some routes have fixed stops that cannot be easily changed. The smaller minibuses are more flexible. The College is required to ensure that routes are not over-subscribed and the best use of the contract buses is maintained.

What should I do on my first day?

If you have applied for transport before the start of the new term, your pick-up point and time will be finalise at your enrolment. You’ll collect your Student ID card during your first week so don’t worry about not having your bus pass for the first day.

What happens if I put in a late application for College transport?

We do try to ensure anyone wishing to use the transport can do so, but sometimes a very late application may have to be put on a waiting list until all routes are finalised and we are sure we have enough room for everyone to travel. Until this time, you will be responsible for your own transport to college.

What happens if my address changes?

If you move to a different area, we will change your pick-up point provided there is enough room on a new bus route.

Can I go home on a different route with a friend?

This is not a problem there is a space on the bus. All we ask is that you inform the Student Admissions Office at least 24 hours before the intended travel so we can check the availability of space and inform the bus company for insurance purposes.

If I no longer wish to travel, can I get a refund?

Partial months can be refunded and refunds will be calculated from the date  the Student Admissions Team are notified and the amount already paid.

Please call the Student Admissions team on 01305 215032 for refunds and queries.