Maurward Meats logoMaurward Meat is the College retail outlet for all our homebred beef, pork, lamb and seasonal turkeys.

At Stinsford Farm we have a self contained cutting room with a walk in refrigerated hanging room. Our meat sales continue to grow with lamb, beef and pork available regularly throughout the year.

The turkeys are reared for the Christmas market and we like to involve as many students as possible in their preparation.

The College has its own Master Butcher,who will cut the meat to order. He will weigh, label and package individual joints to supply staff, students and the general public, as well as local butchers and restaurants.

The College provides a variety of butchery courses from the complicated and skilled to the basic sausage and burger making.  We encourage the students to locate and identify the different cuts of meat using beef, lamb or pork.  They are taught how to cut steak, bone and roll joints, prepare mince and make sausages as well as weigh, label, present and package the produce ready for sale.  Our aim is for all agricultural students to  gain some butchery experience as part of their course.