Twist of fate for Grand Hall at Kingston Maurward

A flood that caused colossal damage at Kingston Maurward House in the autumn may have actually played a positive hand in restoring the historic building to its former glory.

After the flood, caused by faulty plumbing work in the roof, consultants were called in from Historic England (formerly English Heritage) to assess the damage, resulting in some major redecoration being required hailing back to the mansion’s original splendour.

The damage was so severe that much of the House, dating back to 1717, needed repairing and redecorating, including work on the entire top floor of the Georgian house, the first floor, and through to the Grand Hall and hand painted Italian wallpaper in the ornate Pengelly Room on the ground floor.

After the assessment consultants deemed that the largely pink and blue décor in the Grand Hall was in fact incorrect to the period, and would have been originally designed to be rendered in white and stone colours only to maximise the impact of the intricate mouldings and pillars so favoured in the Palladian Period (1715-1755).

Kingston Maurward College Principal, Clare Davison, said: “This exciting discovery means that what could have been a disaster has actually turned into an opportunity to give the house a much needed facelift, coinciding with prearranged restoration of the Conference Centre which commenced in December and is expected to be finished by the end of the year. “

The project will be delivered over two phases lasting six weeks each with a break during the summer in order that weddings remain unaffected by any disruption during the peak period.

The stunning new design will incorporate state of the art conference facilities and allow the room to be used in its entirety for weddings rather than using a temporary ‘marquee lining’ to disguise the rather tired décor of the fifty year old extension.

Redevelopment of the Grand Hall and Conference Centre will allow the House to once again become the majestic building it was when it first welcomed King George III in the late 18th Century, and restore it to its rightful status in the region.

For more information about weddings and conferences go to or call 01305 215215.

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