International Master Florist Gregor Lersch wows with Contemporary Creations in College Workshops

Kingston Maurward is delighted to have welcomed international master florist Gregor Lersch to the College for a suite of presentations and workshops to students, tutors and practising florists from across the country.

Over a hundred and seventy florists flocked through the doors during the three day event, with the College’s Floristry department building different structures for the event under Gregor’s guidance, using his unique style of floral art to create no less than seventeen inspiring arrangements.

UK Floristry Judges Guild member, Sarah Hills-Ingyon, said: “What an amazing presentation – from the moment I booked to the time of the event, organisation was perfect, and Gregor at his best so relaxed and so complimentary of the assistants and organisers who have made his demonstration possible.”

His forte is working with contemporary materials and taking inspiration from culture, emotion, craftsmanship, design and visual impact, and the flower materials themselves. The multilingual jetsetter gives talks and demonstrations across the world – and estimates that he visits 30-35 countries each year.

Student Debbie Miller – who organised the event – said: “This event proved to be an inspirational success for those attending the three days of floral art.  It was the culmination of an eighteen month journey of communication with Gregor and to see him in the flesh at Kinston Maurward was overwhelming.”

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Saying it with flowers: Gregor Lersch with one of his inspiring floral installations.

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