Futurum Secures Sustainable Solar Systems at School and Science Centre

Dorchester’s renewable energy technology experts Futurum Ltd hosted an event at Kingston Maurward showcasing the installation of two solar systems on the College’s Animal Sciences building – the Coneygar Centre – and also the brand new Dorset Studio School building which was completed for the start of the new academic year.

Local businesses, staff and students studying the Level 1 Diploma in Construction Skills were invited to the breakfast event where there was an opportunity to view the two roof solar systems on a cherry picker and meet with staff from both Futurum and panel manufacturer Solarworld.

In 2014 49.5kW (200 solar panels) were installed on the Animal Sciences Building and a further 28 kW (112 panels) on the Dorset Studio School building.

The two installations will generate 78,370kWh of free electricity for the college each year for the next 20 years, a total of 1,567,400kWh. Calculated using the current rate of 15 pence per kWh the projected saving in electricity costs would be £235,110.

In addition to these savings the College will benefit from the government’s Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme which provides funding for domestic and commercial solar panel systems – the projected revenue from FiT over 20 years would be approximately £200k; a combined savings and FiT revenue of almost £450,000.

These solar panels follow the College’s existing reusable energy installations which include ground and air source heat pumps, light tubes, biomass heating and short rotation coppice for biomass heating – all contributing towards making the estate more efficient.

Construction student, Phoebe Coward, said: “It was really interesting speaking to Futurum – I learnt a lot about how the panels were made and the materials used.  In future I want to get involved in missionary building projects abroad, so I’m very interested in sustainable energies.”

Solar panels remain an excellent way of producing on-site generated power and reducing business operating costs over their lifetime – which is expected to be more than 30 years.

For more information go to futurumltd.co.uk.

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