Competent employees are essential to preventing and dealing with accidents in the workplace. Kingston Maurward College offers a range of health and safety, first aid and food safety qualifications across all levels to help you meet your responsibilities in the workplace. We also design bespoke courses to meets specific business needs.

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New for 2015…

IOSH Directing Safely

Is your park business vulnerable to prosecution or civil action?

Directing Safely is must for park directors and senior managers who hold accountability and strategic responsibility for determining and implementing effective health and safety management within their park business. This one day course aims to provide understanding of the moral, legal and business case for proactive health and safety management and to give guidance on effective risk management.

On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain accountability – is your park business vulnerable to prosecution or civil action?
  • Explain the importance of strategic health, safety and welfare management together with its integration into business management systems
  • Describe directors’ managers’ and employees’ statutory duties
  • Identify accident causes and plan for prevention through hazard identification, risk assessment and control strategies
  • Outline the consequences of failing to manage health and safety effectively
  • Explain the importance of employee selection and the effect of human factors on health and safety
  • Recognise the importance of consultation and communication with employees on health and safety issues
  • Describe the significance of performance monitoring for continual improvement of health and safety management

IOSH Managing Safely

Managing Safely is a four day course aimed at park managers and supervisors. It is designed to get them up to speed on the practical actions and applications they need to take to handle health and safety within their teams.

They will be given the information they need to know – and are perhaps reluctant to learn about – in a refreshingly informal way.  They will learn about practical solutions to the common health and safety issues that occur in a park environment.

Managing Safely will not turn delegates into safety experts – but it will give them the knowledge and tools they require to tackle the health and safety issues they are responsible for. More importantly, it brings home just why health and safety is such an essential and integral part of their job.

The course is made up of eight modules:

  • Introducing managing safely – Why managers are accountable for their teams
  • Assessing risks – Demystifying ‘risk’ and ‘risk assessment’
  • Controlling risks – Cutting risks down, the best techniques to control key risks and how to choose the right method.
  • Understanding your responsibilities –  the demands of the law and how the legal system works
  • Identifying hazards – Looking at the main issues a park business has to deal with
  • Investigating accidents and incidents – Why accidents should be investigated, why things go wrong, and how to carry out an investigation when they do
  • Measuring performance – How to develop basic performance indicators, and get to grips with auditing and proactive and reactive measuring.
  •  Protecting our environment –  An effective introduction to waste and pollution

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Download: IOSH Managing Safely pdf