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Daily Activites

Daily Activities

Animal Activities timetable

Our animal activities timetable gives you the chance to find out more about our animals from their keepers! Hear all about each species, where they came from, how old they are, their diets, natural habitats and the importance of conservation. You can also take part in helping us feed the animals with our public feeding sessions, and of course, have a go at some Guinea Pig fishing! Please be aware that activities are subject to change due to weather. Timetabled days run only on weekends and school holidays.

Here’s a little more information about our activities:


Guinea Pig Fishing

These little furry folk are very entertaining to watch and love taking part in our Guinea Pig fishing. Are you curious about what this activity actually is? If you visit during our timetable days, you can have a go to find out!

Wallaby Feed & Talk

Our Bennett’s Wallabies are shy yet curious. Listen out for their feet slapping the ground as they hop around with amazing pace! Their coats are the densest of all kangaroos, suiting them to the UK’s climate. Over the past twelve months we have been training them come up close to our visitors during their lunch time feed, when you’ll be able to find out more about these fascinating and cute faced marsupials.

Runner Duck Racing

Come and meet Zuma, Turbo, Jet, Flash and Sonic, if you can keep up with them! Their legs are positioned at the backs of their bodies, so they are able to run quickly, whilst amusing our visitors.

Meet the Birds of Prey

Meet our Harris Hawk sisters Emma and Phoebe! They’re our flying stars; they’re strong, impressive in the air and love to meet people of all ages. Loki, our Bengal Eagle Owl is very mischievous with big bright orange eyes for seeing in the dark. He always has something to say if you go to visit his aviary. On special events days we fly these wonderful birds for our visitors to see.

Rhea Feed and Talk

New to the park, these birds are curious and entertaining to watch as they wander around and stare at you curiously. You can visualise why birds have descended from dinosaurs, which is why we have called this cheeky trio Blue, Charlie and Delta (for those who have watched Jurassic Park)! Without warning, they’ll suddenly dart off at an amazing speed and surprise spectators. Come and watch our keepers feed them breakfast, and find out more about these wonderful flightless birds.

Saddleback Pig Feeding

Come and meet our noisy and excitable award winning Saddleback pigs! They have striking coloured markings, typical of the breed, of a white belt and black body. Learn more about our Saddleback breeding programme whilst feeding them some of their favourite healthy treats!

Pygmy Goat Walking

Our inquisitive pygmy goats will always run towards you to say hello. Coco is the dominant one and she will be the first to seek your attention. These curious goats love to investigate the rest of the Animal Park, and we just can’t resist taking them for a walk, so come and join us!

Shetland Pony Grooming

Extremely hardy because of their origin; Shetland ponies have a good life in sunny Dorset! Our Shetlands range from 11 to 24 years old and they love to be fussed. All ages can have a go at grooming them which is a favourite with our visitors!

Alpaca Feed and Talk

Find out a little more about Freedom and Drako – our very friendly alpacas that have recently joined us at the Animal Park. Despite the Alpaca reputation, these two won’t spit but they will get up close to you to say hello!

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