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Educational Visits

School Visits and Education

Our unique educational visits focus on active learning experiences from Foundation level to Key Stage 2. Pre-planned science-based activities are provided and run by dedicated staff, linking  directly to the key curriculum requirements.

From these organised visits, we are able to provide follow-up lesson-plans and downloadable video-blogs which offer the opportunity to built upon the experiences undertaken with us here at Kingston Maurward Animal Park.

Sessions will be developed with  specific learner needs in mind, as well flexibility on arrival time, activity length and group size.

Although science-based, every activity session will strive to embed English, maths and personal, social and health education (PSHE) skills. Communication and confidence will be encouraged and developed with the offer of full involvement for each and every child.

The students will have the opportunity to be hands-on or up close with many of the animals; with links to the farm, it is possible to visit the commercial side of the animal care industry, particularly with regards to dairy calves, chicks and lambs at particular times of the year (see timetables).

Our formal gardens, alongside the beautiful rural lakeside, offer the perfect area for nature walks and plant identification activities. Pond dipping can be arranged (for warmer weather!) and all suggestions for further events will be considered and organised a far as possible.

Full risk assessments are provided, although teachers are invited to conduct a pre-visit to the park for planning and assessment purposes.

Directed visits

Please be aware that these prices are only valid until the end of 2019, and will change for 2020.

*(teachers & helpers free)

Price Per Student Total Students
£10.00 (5-10)
£8.00 (11-20)
£5.00 (21-35)
£4.50 (36-70)
£4.00 (71+)

Non-directed school visits

*(teachers & helpers free)

*Children under 3 free; teachers/helpers £3 each

Price Per Student Total Students
£5.00 per child over 3 (5-10)
£4.00 per child over 3 (11-35)
£3.00 per child over 3 (36-70)
£2.00 per child over 3 (71+)
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