Welcome to Enrolment Week 27th – 30th  August!

Starting College is a very exciting time but it can also be a bit daunting, so we’ve put measures in place to make it as straightforward as we can.

Below is some information about the day itself and some Frequently Asked Questions – if there’s anything else you need to know prior to Enrolment don’t hesitate to contact the Admissions Team on 01305 215236 and they’ll do everything they can to help!

All of your details are in your letter, but just as a reminder enrolment dates are:

Monday 26th August – Bank Holiday

Tuesday 27th August – Animal Welfare & Science

Wednesday 28th August – Agriculture; Wildlife & Ecology Conservation; Horticulture; Arboriculture

Thursday 29th August – Outdoor Adventure; Sport & Fitness; Military Preparation; Uniformed Public Services

Friday 30th August – Floristry; Equine; Construction; Welding, Fabrication & Blacksmithing

If you have not already completed your online assessment at your interview you will to do it at Enrolment but don’t worry, everyone has to do it!

Once you have completed all the sections of the Enrolment process – including purchasing necessary basic uniform, transport should you need it, bursaries etc – you will be told which day of the week you start, and that’s it!

Please arrive in good time for your slot – simply bring your enrolment letter, exam results, your ID and a parent or carer.

Please allow up to around 3 hours for the enrolment process although it can be quicker; there will be food and drink available to buy in the Coach House Café or you are welcome to bring your own!

Enrolment: Frequently Asked Questions

When do we find out more information about transport?

  • The details regarding your transport will be provided at Enrolment; this will include your pick up location and time, the bus number that will pick you up and a payment plan – your first instalment is not due until October 2018

When do we need work experience to be set up? What if I haven’t yet got work experience arranged?

  • You need your work experience placement to be secured before the start of your course but don’t need to start it until you start College lessons
  • If you have not got a work placement secured by your enrolment day, don’t panic, the tutors can help you and advise you what to do next when you come in for Enrolment

How long will Enrolment take?

  • Your enrolment can last up to 3 hours so please allow enough time

Which days of week will I be attending College?

  • You will be given these details at Enrolment once all the timetables have been confirmed

How do I order/pay for my clothing?

  • During your enrolment you will be able to purchase basic uniform, and anything else you need you can order and pay for; this uniform will then arrive at College within the next few weeks. You can also order uniform in advance by contacting kit@kmc.ac.uk

Do I have to pay any course fees?

  • If you are a student under the age of 19 years you will not be liable for any course fees; if you are above the age of 19 and are not aware of any course fees you have to pay for please contact us on 01305 215236 or email fulltimecourses@kmc.ac.uk

What happens if I have not met the conditions of my course offer?

  • If you have not achieved the GCSEs you were expecting and they do not meet the course entry requirements, please still attend your enrolment day and we can make the changes we need to, to get you onto a different course if necessary; but most of all, don’t panic!
  • If you have not met the individual conditions set out to you before Enrolment please contact the course tutor: 01305 215000

What do I do if I want to change my course choice?

  • Please contact us on 01305 215236 or email fulltimecourses@kmc.ac.uk and we will go through the course you would like to do instead and advise what your next steps will be

What is a bursary? Are we eligible for funding help?

  • A bursary assists low income families with the costs for the course, transport, accommodation, school meals, uniform and kit. Please refer to the bursary page under information > money matters > student bursary scheme, where you will find more information and application forms.
  • You will also be able to speak to the bursaries team at Enrolment.

Any other questions about Enrolment please call 01305 215236 or email fulltimecourses@kmc.ac.uk

We look forward to seeing you there!