There’s still time to apply for courses starting this September via Clearing sessions at the end of August!

The ‘clearing’ process is simply the term used for enrolling students at College who do not yet have a place secured for September and who wish to apply once they have received their exam results.

Clearing takes place during Enrolment Week which is Tuesday 27th – Friday 30th August (Monday 26th August is a Bank Holiday).

Clearing students are treated exactly the same as those students who have applied for courses during year 11 and have already been accepted on to a course – conditional to their exam results of course – so there’s nothing to worry about!

You will need to decide which course you want to apply for as we enrol different subject areas on different days:

Monday 26th August – Bank Holiday

Tuesday 27th August – Animal Welfare & Science

Wednesday 28th August – Agriculture; Wildlife & Ecology Conservation; Welding, Fabrication & Blacksmithing

Thursday 29th August – Outdoor Adventure; Sport & Fitness; Military Preparation; Uniformed Public Services

Friday 30th August – Horticulture; Floristry; Arboriculture; Equine; Construction

Clearing sessions start at 3pm each day so please arrive ahead of time to give you the best chance to get your place!

Simply bring your exam results, your ID and your completed application form if you have one – if not you can complete one when you arrive. Please note that if you do not have a Level 5 or above in English/ maths you will be asked to do an online assessment during the enrolment session, as will all students starting this September. You are also advised to bring your parent or carer with you please.

You will then speak to the tutor one to one, and they will be able to offer you a place or advise you that another course at the College may suit you better.

Once you have been offered a place and completed all the sections of the Enrolment process – including purchasing necessary basic uniform, transport should you need it, bursaries etc – you will be told which day of the week you start, and that’s it!

Please allow up to around 3 hours for the enrolment process.

Applications before Clearing Sessions

You can of course still apply for a course anytime during the summer before your exam results – send in your application form either online or via post and you will also be interviewed and enrolled at the same time during enrolment week – you will be sent a letter inviting you in at a certain time on the relevant day.