What are they?

Advanced Learner Loans have replaced government grants for some adult learners. They are an option for people aged 19 and over to fund their course fees upfront at Level 3 and Level 4 in England. The loan doesn’t depend on your income and there are no credit checks.


What about Repayments?

Advanced Learner Loans are similar to any other forms of loans – there are repayment conditions. Monthly repayments will be a fixed proportion of your income once you are earning over £21,000. Any balance outstanding is written off after 30 years.

You have the right to make payments or to pay back your loan in full at any time before then without incurring penalties.

What about Repayments?

Check with us that the course you are interested in qualifies and that you meet any criteria and we will supply you with a ‘Learning and funding information’ letter – you need this to complete the application. It contains the details about your course. Call the courses helpline on 01305 215215 or email us on fulltimecourses@kmc.ac.uk

Once you have your confirmation, you can apply online through Student Finance England.

For more details on the Advanced Learner Loan, you can visit the Money Advice Service website.