All new clients with previous riding experience must attend a half hour riding assessment before having lessons/hacks. All lesson/hacks must be booked and paid for in advance. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required in order to cancel a booking. Bookings can be rearranged.

1/2 hour assessment lesson  – £25.00

Children’s Lessons

1/2 hour beginner lead rein lesson  £20.00
45 min group lesson (flat/jump) £28.00
Pony club afternoon –theory 90 minutes £18.00
Pony Club all day (from 9.30am until after theory session) £25.00
Block of 5 children lesson £100.00

Adult Lessons

45 min group lesson (flat/jump)  £31.00
Block of five 45min group lessons (flat/jump) £112.00

Private Lessons


1/2 hour private lesson with junior instructor (flat/jump)  £40.00
1/2 hour private lesson with senior instructor (flat/jump) £45.00
1/2 hour lunge lesson £42.00
½ hour lesson on the mechanical horse £20.00
Lessons on own horse £5.00 off lesson price
Hacks ½ hack around grounds – beginners £20 45 minute hack – off the lead rein walk and trot £30 2 hour hack to the woods – adults £65
Block of 5 beginner lessons £72.00

Please note that if you pay for a block booking you will not be automatically booked in for the next five lessons. You do need to book in each of your five lessons, however you do not need to do this immediately and you do not necessarily have to book for five constructive weeks.

If a child is moved up to an adult lesson they will be charged for the cost of an adult lesson even if they are under the age of 16.