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Who we are

Who we are

When we define our wants and needs, both present and future, an opportunity arises to change our situation for the better. A powerful beneficial collective movement can follow when we use our voices and ask for help. We at Student Voice are here to get Kingston Maurward’s students heard. We plan to engage, question and act to influence the college to benefit the student experience.

Throughout our time at KMC, we plan to take feedback from all the courses and put their words intoaction. This is done partly through caseloads – a handy system of dividing course reps into manageable chunks – and through just casual word of mouth! All voices that speak to us at KMC are put forwards on our council, ensuring that all students get the quality experience from KMC that they expect.

This year is our first of KMC:SV, and with this comes the challenge of carving a new path and finding our place within the college. We hope to bring students together by working together to help solve problems they encounter within the college. We continue to work on what we are, how we communicate with students and the internal staff and ideas we can bring forward.

We are all caring and passionate people; we hope to live up to the great potential of KMC:SV to bring a better college experience for all.

Meet the Team

Student Alana wearing checked scarf.

Student Grace stood in Miltary gear holding rifle prototype.

Hello, I’m Alana James, a Level 3 Wildlife, Ecology & Conservation student.

I’m very new to the area, having lived in Buckinghamshire for 5 years before moving. I have a firm belief in community and raising people’s voices as a collective, so I hope I can bring these ideals to make everyone feel heard and valued on campus. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Hi, I’m Grace Heightley, a Level 3 Sports and Fitness student.

This is my third year at Kingston Maurward College as I completed the Level 3 Military Preparation course last year. I joined Student Voice as I believe that everyone should have the freedom of expression and the right to be heard; this can be achieved through good communication, respect, and the willingness to listen to others. My wish is to make a positive impact and highlight issues at Kingston that can be improved for both students and staffs benefit.

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