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Short Courses

Short Courses

Short Courses at Kingston Maurward are undergoing development as part of an exciting project which will ensure courses meet the demands of both industry and individuals. These will sit within four distinct categories: Rural, Business, Animal and Lifestyle.

Rural – These courses cover qualifications dealing with tree care, farming and estate management, horticulture and pesticides.  

Business -These courses provide attendees with the skills to develop their skills in IT, leadership and business management. First aid courses can also be found in this category. 

Animal – Animal courses cover specific skills in equine related subjects, the transportation of animals and animal first aid. 

Lifestyle – Lifestyle courses are for individuals who wish to learn a new skill, undertake a new hobby or meet others with a common interest. 

So whether it’s horticulture, dressage, floristry or welding, take a look at our short courses and if you have any enquiries call our dedicated Admissions Team on 01305 215215 or email

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