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Meet Your Team

As a KMC Student, you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union at Kingston Maurward College, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Our priority as elected officers of your Students’ Union (KMCSU) is to ensure fairness for all, and that your voice is heard- both within the Union and the College.

President & Staff Governor
Diversity Officer
President & Student Governor, Hanna Baxter stood in front of a brick wall, covered in roses on the Kingston Maurward estate.
Students' Union Diversity Officer, Rylan Balkham-Smith

Hi! I’m Hanna, your new President & Staff Governor. My role includes helping promote College events and the Students’ Union, helping students get their voices heard, and sharing students’ views of any academic, social or environmental issue whilst they are studying here.

Hi! I’m Rylan, your new Diversity Officer. My role includes representing and promoting the diversity of students here at college, communicating with you all, listening to your views ensuring they get heard and are responded to correctly.

Welfare Officer
Education Officer
Imogen Cole-Holland
Melody Heal-Norman

Hi! I’m Imogen, your new Welfare Officer! My role includes ensuring College is an environment where you feel safe and  want to be. I aim to help students with any College-related issues by listening and making sure the correct advice is given and the problems are sorted.

Hi, I’m Melody, your Education officer! My role includes making sure views related to your studies and educations are heard and any suggestions are listened to and acted on.

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