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Student Committee

Kingston Maurward College has a very active Student Committee that gets involved in all aspects of life at College. Student Committee gives students from across the College the opportunity to have your views heard, share your thoughts and ideas and have a say in the things that matter to you.

What is Student Committee?

Student Committee is made up of a nominated student representative from each area of study. They are each elected by their department.

The Committee meets up with key college staff twice per month in term time. Student representatives bring feedback from their fellow students and give management staff key information to assist in decision making.

The Committee’s vision is to ensure that students have a say in every aspect of college provision and, that they have every opportunity to contribute to the college community and to make improvements.

What does Student Committee do?

As a Student Committee Representative you will:

  • Be elected and represent your department
  • Collect views from your department about College and feed back to College managers
  • Attend the lunchtime meetings, and/or complete a group feedback sheet
  • Help to influence college decisions by making the student voice heard
  • Increase your confidence by taking part in discussion groups, meetings and a KMC student conference
  • Visit schools with the marketing team and tell students there about the KMC student experience
  • Gain credits through Committee work towards the rewards scheme and get a certificate at the end of the year to show your contribution

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