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Industry Placements

Work placements are an integral part of study programmes at Kingston Maurward College, and can be divided into two categories: work placements and industry placements. The number of hours you will have to complete for your work placement will differ depending on on which course you are studying. Work experience is typically up to 150 hours during one academic year; industry placements must be a minimum of 315 hours which must be completed during students’ first academic year.

Industry placements are a key part of Kingston Maurward Level 3 study programmes designed to give students the opportunity to develop practical, technical and professional skills in a role directly relevant to their vocational course.

Industry placements will form part of new T Level courses which will give young people a technical alternative to A levels. T Levels are due to be fully rolled out across 25 subject areas by 2024.

The industry placement should provide a real life learning environment for the student with hands-on industry experience to develop and hone the technical skills and behaviours required for the relevant industry.

Through high-quality, meaningful training industry placements give employers the chance to ensure that young people are developing the skills and experience that industry really needs.

Work placements must be occupationally specific – they must be with an employer whose work is directly linked to the course being studied.

Work experience is supported by the students’ course tutors; industry placements are supported by the Work Placement Co-ordinator.

Employers Assemble 2020

On Tuesday 24th March, Kingston Maurward College will be hosting an industry insight day. This event is invite-only; if you are interested in attending please contact Kingston Maurward’s Work Placement Coordinator Frances Jenkins, by the 1st March to reserve your place.

We are committed to involve employers and industry in all our programmes of study to ensure they are giving students the right skills, knowledge and behaviours for success. Can you pledge some time to support the next generation?

From 1:30pm there will be a careers fair in the Main House giving you the opportunity to meet and speak with the workforce of the future; offer your advice and guidance to provide an insight to your industry.

From 4:30pm until 6:30pm we will be holding our first ‘Endorse it for Dorset’ event where you will get the chance to meet our Heads of Departments and give feedback on our current curriculum to ensure it is meeting your future employment needs and the wider skills agenda within your industry.

A hot finger buffet along with the chance to further network with a cross section of employers in Dorset will be provided from 6:30pm.

There is no obligation to stay for both parts of the event but we would greatly appreciate any of your time.

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