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What NOT to pack

We have compiled a handy guide of items that you should definitely not be packing.


Unfortunately, you cannot bring your animal companion with you when you move into our accommodation, however, we have more than enough amphibians and species on campus you can see on a daily basis.


Candles and Heating Devices

Please leave all candles, plug-in air fresheners, sun lamps, camping stoves, non-electric lamps, lighter fuel, incense burners, oil burners, deep fat fryers or other heating devices at home. These all pose a fire hazard – and don’t forget that any damage to your room is your responsibility and you will be billed at the end of your tenancy for any damage caused.


Stereos and Musical Instruments

Please do not bring any large amps or stereos with you. If there is any disturbance caused by musical instruments these will be confiscated by our Residential Team and stored safely until it can be taken home.


Weight Lifting or Gym Equipment

Please leave all gym equipment at home. We only allow small dumbbells on campus. We have an on-site gym where you are able to use weightlifting machinery and treadmills. An induction is mandatory before using the equipment.


Extra furniture

Our rooms are designed with as much storage space as possible, so there’s no need to bring any furniture with you. Please leave all shelves/dressers/bulky items of furniture at home.



Please leave all BBQs at home – there will be many campus events where there will be barbeque food on offer. Our residential team also hold events for residential students, which could involve a bbq.



Please leave all knives, apart from kitchen knives at home. If they are required for your course, they will be provided.


Canoes or Surfboards

Although it could be tempting to bring your a mountain board, chainsaw, fishing rod, kayak or canoe with you, please leave these at home. There will be opportunities for you to participate in many outdoor activities for our enrichment activities or residential events.


Welding or soldering equipment

Please leave all welding equipment at home. This will be provided if it is necessary for your course.

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