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Important Information

Visitors, including students who attend college during the day and parents, are allowed to stay overnight, however, they need to present a valid form of a photo ID and obtain a visitor pass from the Residential Warden or Learning Resources Centre (LRC). It is vital we are aware of who is on-site at all times as this allows us to comply with fire safety rules whilst ensuring everyone on-campus are permitted. Any visitor who has not registered with the Residential Warden or LRC will be asked to leave the site immediately. 

You and your visitor/s must be aware of the following:

  • They are permitted in the accommodation until 10pm
  • If they are behaving inappropriately or causing a disturbance, they will be asked to leave immediately.
  • The behaviour and conduct of the visitor is the responsibility of their host, and the visitor must not be left on their own at any time during their stay.
  • Any costs due to damage caused to college property are the responsibility of the host
  • Under 18 visitors (excluding family) are not permitted to visit or stay in the hostels
  • Overnight visitors may stay by prior arrangement with the Senior Residential Warden on Friday and Saturday evenings only, bedding is not provided and only one guest per resident is allowed. Visitors must also bring a photocopy of a valid form of a photo ID and show the original to the Warden.
  • Having overnight guests is a privilege and not a right, therefore the decision of the Residential Warden is final and may be based on behaviour and performance.

Any breach of the above may result in a ban for future visitors and or other sanctions. The College reserves the right to issue a campus ban to any external visitor in order to safeguard the safety and well-being of all our students.

Please note: Day students are not permitted in our accommodation during the normal college hours. If any of these students are found in the hostels, they will be asked to leave immediately. The residential student may risk disciplinary action and their place in our accommodation. 

Before you arrive, you will be required to pay a damage and cleaning deposit of £250. If no charges are made against you by the end of the academic year, you will receive the full deposit back, however, if there are any damages, these will be deducted from this amount.

As a residential student, you are responsible for keeping your room, and the communal area within our accommodation clean and tidy. We understand accidents do happen, therefore if there has been an accident, please let us know straight away so it can be rectified.

Keeping communal areas clean is the joint responsibility of all students within the hostel. If you feel you are unable to or cannot accept this responsibility, please do not enter an agreement with the college for accommodation. 

In addition to the cleaning and damage fees which may be deducted from your deposit, please note that any outstanding debts, such as, library fines, will be paid from using your deposit too. For any queries regarding finance, please contact

Residential students are advised to register with the local practice in Dorchester;

They provide medical assistance for those registered elsewhere, giving them a temporary status which is usually sufficient to address a short term ailment or injury.

You can discuss which option is best for you with the Residential Services Team. You may be entitled to the following free treatment including; emergency dental work, (available through the NHS 111 service), any NHS prescriptions, sight tests, glasses or travel to a hospital for NHS treatment.

If you need medical attention please notify the Student Welfare Team or the Residential Services Team who will assist you. 

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