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Work Placements

Work placements are such an important part of study programmes here at Kingston Maurward as they give students an opportunity to develop practical, technical and professional skills.

All work placements should be ‘occupationally specific’ – this means they should be completed with an employer whose work is directly related to the students course.

All students are required to keep a log of the tasks and activities completed on placement to track progress and development. Students also need to record placement hours and get these signed off by the employer and course tutor for them to count towards their final work placement hours.

Once a student has found a work placement, they must ask the employer to complete a Work Placement Confirmation Form, this is the first part of the College’s Health & Safety check process. Click here to download a copy.

The employer must also have valid insurance in place before the College can approve the work placement.

There are two types of work placement here at Kingston Maurward College; Work Experience and Industry Placements.

Work Experience

Work experience is typically between 30 to 150 hours and completed during one academic year. If students are struggling to find somewhere to do their work experience, their course tutor would be the first person to speak to for advice.

This is a great opportunity to spend time in a real-life working environment, as it gives students a taste of what it might be like to work in that industry. Activities may involve observing tasks, job shadowing or following instructions to complete important tasks. To make sure students get the most out of work experience… ask questions, be enthusiastic and work hard!

Industry Placements

Industry placements are for a minimum of 315 hours and completed over 2 academic years. Just a few of our Level 3 courses require an industry placement. A longer duration ensures that students are given sufficient time to master essential skills and develop technical abilities to industry standard. They allow students to put into practice the theory and skills they are learning in the classroom. Completing an industry placement will give students a competitive advantage to securing skilled employment in the future.

Click here for a helpful guide to finding a work placement.

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