Parent-Guardians and Carers

As a parent-guardian or carer you’ll know the education is a crucial factor in your young person’s future success and happiness. Helping your young person to identify their passions, interests and talents and to work towards a satisfying career that’s the right fit for them is one of the best things you can do to help set them up for adult life.

You are one of the biggest influences in their life so they will turn to you for advice and guidance. If you don’t feel confident about providing it, don’t worry, you are certainly not alone! The educational landscape is constantly changing making it very difficult to keep up to date. Some parent-guardians and carers who haven’t experience university life for themselves can also feel out of their depth when it comes to talking about certain progression pathways.

The college is committed to supporting parent-guardians and carers by providing access to relevant resources and tools that may help to have meaningful conversations about career and progression choices.

Careerpilot has a very comprehensive Parent Zone that provides advice and guidance to parent-guardians and carers.

Students also use Careerpilot to record their careers engagement and activities during their time at KMC.

Careerpilot is endorsed by the Careers and Enterprise Company.

SUN (Southern Universities Network) have a brilliant guide for parents about the different options available to young people from GCSE choices onwards.

We also have a SUN Progression Mentor on the Careers Team, please email if you would like to speak to her directly.

If you have been looking at courses on behalf of your young person and fancy doing a course yourself please head to our main course page to see what we have to offer.

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Careerpilot also has a sister website that provides advice on re-training and getting back into education;

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