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At Kingston Maurward College we have developed a network of local and national employers and industry experts, who kindly help support us in providing our students with industry led career information and advice. This support is often provided through guest speakers, presentations, workshops, work experience, industry placements as well as careers fairs.

We are committed to continually providing our students with meaningful and impactful employer and employee engagement opportunities. We believe positive encounters with employers and employees play a vital role in helping students better understand the career and industry opportunities available to them; hopefully enabling them to make well informed decisions regarding their next step and career ambitions.

We are very interested in further developing our network and are keen to build strong working relationships with employers as well as education and training providers. If you would like to find out how your business or organisation can support our career activities at Kingston Maurward College, please contact our Careers Lead:

Jack Winborn

01305 215037

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