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For Apprentices

For Apprentices

An apprenticeship is a great way of finding a job, earning a wage and building new skills alongside the underpinning knowledge required to get you ahead in your chosen industry; literally earning and learning!
There are well over 500 different apprenticeships available at all levels from Level 2 (GCSE) upwards.

You can see which ones are available at:

but bear in mind that you will need to find an employer that is looking to take on a suitable apprentice and a training provider that can deliver the chosen apprenticeship.

To be an apprentice, you must be employed for at least 30 hours a week, so you will need to find an employer that is looking to take on an apprentice. You can search for apprenticeship jobs using the Government’s ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ service at: You can also approach employers directly and see if they would be willing to take on an apprentice. If you are not already employed then you would expect to be interviewed by the employer and then we would invite you to an initial interview to assess your suitability for the apprenticeship and find out what support you might require. You may also have to complete maths and/ or English functional skills within your apprenticeship if your GCSE grades are below grade 4.

During your apprenticeship you will learn new skills, knowledge and professional behaviours that are required by your industry; the apprenticeship programmes have been written by employers meaning that you can be sure that you will be gaining industry relevant skills. At the end of your apprenticeship you will undertake an independent assessment, called the ‘End Point Assessment’. Undertaking an apprenticeship is not an ‘easy option’, you will be expected to turn up for work and carry out those duties required of you by your employer.

You will also be responsible for taking an active involvement in your learning, completing assignments, carrying out relevant research, maintaining records of learning and getting stuck in with practical sessions that may be outside, or even in the cold and wet in the middle of winter! Apprenticeships are not easy, but they can be immensely rewarding and we are here to support you through your journey.

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